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I am Jenny Mills and I am the Minister here at Newport Pagnell United Reformed Church. As the Minister I am called to enable, inspire, facilitate, care for and lead us all as we work together for God’s kingdom here on earth.

Over the past 7 years we have developed as a Church, the redeveloped Church building (completed in 2006) is now a busy place and we have sought new ways of working together as a church and of engaging with local people. We have worship for all ages throughout the week and also groups use the space for Pilates, singing, mental health support and the Historical Society; it is also used on an occasional basis for Town Council meetings and other events. We are now also looking to rebuild our Hall, and create the Mead Centre, into a more flexible and accessible space in the centre of the town (click here for details). We aim for this work to begin in 2018 and then, once built, to be a Community Building that supports Community Building.

We have Sunday morning worship at 10.30am each week, all are welcome. We set out the church in rows, but also have tables at the side (with mindfulness colouring in) so you can choose where feels comfortable for you to sit that enables you to worship. There is also a space for children with a table and toys/ activities for them.

On the 1st Sunday of the Month we share Communion together in the round and there is Young Church for children in the foyer. This is usually led by our minister and a retired URC minister sharing together;

On the 2nd Sunday of the month we have morning worship at 10.30 am with our worship led by a visiting preacher or Church member and our children go into the foyer and their session is led by Church folk who share a skill, do storytelling, do crafts or build on the readings shared in worship;

On the 3rd Sunday of the month the minister leads worship and the children remain in the church for the service, but craft activities or drawing and colouring in are provided for them to do;

On the Last Sunday of the Month we have an all age service.

Every Sunday morning service is followed by coffee and conversation and throughout the year we also have shared meals together, following worship (these dates are advertised in the Weekly Window).

On the first Sunday of the month at 4pm we have Church Family Praise. This begins with refreshments and each month we focus on a Bible Story and share it, talk about it, have a go at crafts and activities related to it and close with singing. It is a family friendly, all age opportunity that seeks to provide an opportunity to worship in a more relaxed environment that can allow for exploration and conversation but also teach Bible stories and engage children.

During the week we have a variety of worship opportunities for all ages- Toddler Praise, Pilots, Meeting Point, Women’s Own, M4 and occasional services depending on the Church year.

All these worship opportunities enable us all to seek to grow in faith together and learn more about the gospel message of love, joy, peace and hope. I believe that developing good relationships, forging friendships and sharing in fellowship are vital to a spiritually vibrant Church, as we journey together.

We have a statement we aspire to as a Church: At the centre of the town, at the heart of the community. All we do is measured against this. Jesus calls us, as relational beings, to come together in community, to care for each other and share together, living life inspired and guided by our faith. We are all on journeys in our lives, some of us have been journeying in faith for many years, even from childhood, and others may be newer to faith or searching for meaning in life. Together we can grow in faith.

We seek to be welcoming and inclusive and whilst we do not always get it right, we aspire to it. We also try to make provision for specific needs. Being followers of Jesus means being honest and authentic, allowing for questioning and doubt: we are not perfect (nor can ever hope to be) but we are trying to be as welcoming and faithful as we can be, accepting our shared humanity and human fallibility. We believe we are called together as a community to live out God’s love for the world. God desires the best for everyone and wants us all to be able to realise our true potential as human beings.

To do this, we need to actively engage with the local community being the hands and feet for God in the world. Our reason for reaching out is driven by our faith in God as revealed through Jesus Christ. Together we can see where God is at work and allow God’s Spirit to work through our lives to bring about changes and challenge injustices- locally, nationally and globally. This we pray will come about as we seek to live out the Gospel message of God’s love for all.

Please drop me an email or call, if you want to get in touch. Or why not come along to the Church one day?

Blessings, Jenny

Sunday 7th October

10.30:  Morning worship with a celebration of Holy Communion will be led by Revd. Jenny Mills.


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